More People Downsizing

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More People Downsizing

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More people are downsizing, but notice the usual greed in the California tiny home prices! A small bungalow on 1/4 AC should be no more than $50K. The Seattle home price is the result of Californians moving there, and the one in 280 Sq Ft Maine at $350K is the result of the rich and greedy from Massachusetts. So if a TINY 280 Sq home is $350K what is the person working at McDonalds supposed to afford, a refrigerator box???? They won't be satisfied until all the working class is homless!

Sizing Up Pocket-Sized Houses

By Erika Riggs, Zillow
July 4, 2011

Size is not everything, especially if you ask a small, but mighty movement of people who prefer 400 square feet of real estate over 4,000. People who choose to live in smaller-sized homes cut down on living costs and since the recession and housing bust, the trend is really catching on, says Kent Griswold author of
These small homes can encompass a range of sizes, all the way down to an 84-sq ft home in Olympia, Wash. that was featured in NPR’s “tiny house movement” video.

“People are trying to downsize their lives, get rid of debt,” Griswold said. “Your cost of living is lower, your utilities don’t cost nearly as much. It changes your whole attitude — you’re in a small space, you only have room for so many items, it’s a lifestyle change.”
While some people purchase land and build their own small homes through kits, like Cusato Cottages, others just choose to buy or rent homes that are smaller in size.
Interested in downsizing your life? We rounded up a few small homes for sale, each with dimensions around 550 square feet or less:
15 Napier Ln., San Francisco, CA
For Sale: $1,199,000
Square Footage: 550

A 550-sq. ft. San Francisco home.
Photo: Zillow
Own a piece of San Francisco history by purchasing this home in the Telegraph Hill neighborhood. Built around 1884, this home is one of the few Telegraph Hill homes that survived the 1906 earthquake and fire. The two-story cottage was remodeled in 2002 and 2003. The 2-bedroom, 2-bath home has partial views of the bay and an open floor plan that makes it feel more spacious than its 550 square feet.
7 S Maine St Kennebunkport, ME
For Sale: $350,000
Square Footage: 280

A 280-sq. ft. Kennebunkport, ME home.
Photo: Zillow
With only 280 square feet of living space, this piece of Kennebunkport real estate makes some New York studios look spacious. A part of Cabot Cove, a cottage beach community, this cottage has been professionally landscaped and furnished. The cottage has views of the cove and river and can be used as a primary residence, or summer rental.
2702 N. Ardmore Ave., Manhattan Beach, CA
For Sale: $685,000
Square Footage: 498

A 498-sq. ft. Manhattan Beach, CA home.
Photo: Zillow
Listed on the prestigious Manhattan Beach real estate market, this 2-bedroom, 1-bath home has been completely updated since its construction in 1954. The 498-square-foot cottage has a slate fireplace and brand new kitchen and bath. The house includes a breakfast nook, extra room, and gated front yard.
Wilmington, NC
For Sale: $119,900
Square Footage: 500

A 500-sq. ft. Wilmington, NC home.
Photo: Zillow
Sitting at 500 square feet, this World War II-era bungalow is within minutes of downtown and a local beach. The “move-in ready” 2-bedroom, 1-bath home was previously listed for $127,000 on the Wilmington real estate market.
For Sale: $335,000
Square Footage: 460

A 460-sq. ft. Seattle home.
Photo: Zillow
This romantic and private bungalow is nestled on prime Seattle real estate along the Puget Sound in the West Seattle neighborhood of Seaview. Built in 1926, the log cabin has original leaded windows, a claw-foot tub, stone fireplace and darling nook-sized bedroom

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