Dealing With A Police Stop - 101

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Dealing With A Police Stop - 101 Empty Dealing With A Police Stop - 101

Post by Pied Piper on Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:39 am

The police are taught in the police academy that all civilians are potentially dangerous. Civilians be cautious when being stopped by the police as well. That does NOT mean being defensive toward the officer, just the opposite - cooperate! Remember they have the badge, gun, and courts on thier side. You will know within a few minutes if the officer is agressive or laid back and personable. Follow the advice below and you will probably survive an an encounter with the police.....

If you are stopped by the police assume you may be dealing with an agressive officer! Exercise extreme caution and above all don't argue, don't threaten "you will get a lawyer", just yes sir to everything - be polite. Consider your right to free speech suspended for the duration of your contact. If you are arrested follow every command to the letter. If you do not follow this advice you may be injured or worse. Focus and mentally record everything to present to your lawyer later. All cops are not bad apples as shown in the last video of an OUTSTANDING Maine Trooper, but assume the worst and be cooperative. I know a MANY EXCELLENT officers, I have also met some bullies just itching for an excuse to use force. A good indicator is one with a "jarhead" military haircut. They generally view all civilians as the "enemy" - no kidding! These videos are presented to show you there are officers who can hurt you for speaking your mind or not following commands no matter how minor. They are not meant to suggest all officers are like this.

How to handle the police (GET this DVD):

This is what to expect if you are arrested:

Arrested for mouthing off and voicing an opinion after being baited by cop, then twists arm, and then threatens to break arm.

Brute officer on the rampage against skateboarders for mouthing off!

Houston Police stomp a suspect who already put his hands behind his back!

More from Texas Police

Deaf Woodcarver shot to death over a tiny pocket knife that was not open!

"The president (Obama) called on Gadhafi to step down for the first time, saying the Libyan government must be held accountable for its "brutal crackdown".
Would you consider this video to be a "brutal crackdown"?

Passiac County, NJ - Man with mental illness arrested

Don't mouth off in jail!

EMT Choked by Oklahoma State Police for failing to pull over quick enough while transporting his sick mother to the hospital

Trooper of the year award goes to this gentle public servant!
KUDOS to Maine! This Trooper was not threatend. He let the man rant and be on his way. This man had no respect for a trooper who treated him like a human being with rights. In this case SHAME ON THE MOTORIST for not respecting a first class law enforcement officer!

Another GREAT officer IMHO

Welcome to prim and proper Europe:

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