Choose Your State Carefully!

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Choose Your State Carefully! Empty Choose Your State Carefully!

Post by  on Sat Feb 26, 2011 10:11 pm

The maps in these articles say it all! Go where you have the most freedom. If you like a nanny state to take care of you move to good ole California, New Jersey, New York or Massachusetts! I like the George Mason study best....

The brightest red has the most personal and economic freedom, the blue the least:

Here is the whole article:

Here is another GREAT study fand map rom George Mason University:

Editorial by Bob Barr:

Travel through Ohio and stop in any small town and you will see the police literally swarming just looking for a reason to stop someone. I stopped in one town just south of Columbus for the night and the police were EVERYWHERE. That is NO way to live! To me a sign of personal freedom is less police. Ohio takes the cake for excessive police presence along with Virginia.....

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