Burlington Vermont - Not so green, full of hyrocrites

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Burlington Vermont - Not so green, full of hyrocrites Empty Burlington Vermont - Not so green, full of hyrocrites

Post by Hippie on Sat Apr 16, 2011 6:38 pm

Vermont is good in theory, but in reality it is all trust fund/retired Baby Boomers from NY/NJ/MA suburbs who talk green, but in practice are just greedy, self centered people. In Burlington all I ever heard was "let's have a study group" to take up an issue instead of getting things done. Unless it involved handouts to Somali Refugees nothing was ever accomplished in Burl. The Town of Fairfield, IA and the City of Dubuque, IA are light years ahead of Vermont at 1/3 the cost of living. Very progressive, not Lefty Liberal or Republican Zealots - just community oriented with an urgent need to actually get things done in a sustainable way. Towns like Burlington, VT, Asheville, NC, Eugene, OR sound good, but the people who have moved there have ruined it. That is not tolerated in Iowa. I can't tell you how many times over the years I went into Mayor Kiss office to argue for recycling bins on Church St. The excuse was "they had to match the image of the street-scape". After 4 years they put some expensive art deco green metal cans in. All those tons of cans and bottles into Vermont landfills so "study groups" could decide on a decor for the Church St Marketplace! Vermont, especially Burlington is so full of it. All over Iowa you will find massive wind farms and dozens of Ethanol plants. E-85 is EVERYWHERE, recycling - you name it - it's being done here. In Vermont every time there is a wind farm referendum the Massachusetts transplants come out in droves to town meeting to fight them! One of the Phish band members wanted to put up a single personal sized wind turbine. Almost EVERYONE from Shelburne Pt. came to the zoning meeting to fight it b/c it might ruin their view of Shelburne Bay. Needless to say the band member sold his land and moved to Essex. The Liberal "tax and spend" politics have also invaded from Massachusetts and New Jersey. Burton snowboards just folded up and left b/c it can's afford to do business in Vermont (AKA Taxachusetts 2). Granted, there are worse places then Vermont to live like West Virginia Etc, but there are MUCH better places like Iowa, Washington State, Eastern Oregon, Northern New Mexico/Arizona Etc. Vermont's idea of sustainability is overpriced hobby farms for the rich and pretentious Liberals who want to force their views on everyone. I can't decide who is worse the liberals or the Bush Republicans - perhaps they are all the same.... Just self centered people with an agenda to screw everything up for the rest of us! There is even a website called "Vermontopia" that describes Vermont as a "perfect little world", what a crock of S%$T!

Eugene, Oregon is another such facade. Don't move ther either!

Article about Fishman (Phish) and the turbine fight in Shelbure. I was at the meeting, it was packed with Massholes not wanting an "eyesore" turbine and more than a few people opposed it. If People from Massachusetts want to buy in your neighborhood shun them!


Andrea Van Hoven, chairwoman of Shelburne's Natural Resources and Conservation Committee is SO FULL OF IT. It was ALL about ruining property values. One SMALL personal use turbine!



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Burlington Vermont - Not so green, full of hyrocrites Empty Re: Burlington Vermont - Not so green, full of hyrocrites

Post by NoPork on Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:21 am

The Liberal Democrats who voted for Obama are as bad as the Republicans who voted for Bush. They are all self-centered people who only care about maintaining their lifestyle. Real patriots vote for Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinch, Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Howard Dean Etc. In other words patriots want real change from the status quo! Vermont if full of Liberal, self-centered aging Baby Boomers who act green, but only care about their trust funds and investment portfolio's. I am from Maine and real down easters starve while the Liberals cater to the 100's of Somali's who were dumped in Lewiston. I don't know about Iowa, Wash State etc, but Maine has been ruined by Massachusetts. You can't even afford a shack here unless you are a refugee....


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