Choose NON-GMO's - Monsanto Will Soon Own All Seeds!

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Choose NON-GMO's - Monsanto Will Soon Own All Seeds!

Post by Champ101 on Sat Jun 11, 2011 1:06 am

Do you want to have one company owning all the seeds? Monsanto wants to! GMO's are dangerous to our food supply and to your health. Below is a 10 part documentary and other videos explaining why boycotting GMO's is ESSENTIAL! Here's why.....

How to Boycott: Look at your vegetable's PLU Code....

4 Numbers - 8745 = Conventionally Grown

9 followed by 4 Numbers - 9 8745 = Organic

8 followed by 4 Numbers - 8 8745 = GMO (AVOID AT ALL COSTS

A note on the following list. Although Morningstar is owned by Kelloggs and a miniscule amount of GMO corn (1%) was found in it's conrdogs, it is still better than buying any destructive meat product. We do not recommend boycotting Morningstar:

Places that are declaring themselves GMO free:

Monsanto OWNS most of your food and is forcing GMO's on us! Look at the USA compared to the rest of the world:

Monsanto in partnership with companies like McDonalds is behind food genetics and price manipulation:


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Re: Choose NON-GMO's - Monsanto Will Soon Own All Seeds!

Post by minimalistgeneration on Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:13 pm

We want a different world but what we are doing because what happens? Before purchasing a product we should be asking questions, looking that behind that product there hasn't been no labor exploitation or environmental. Buy local products avoid aggravating the pollution of goods travelling from one side to the other of the planet. Buy fair trade goods will help manufacturers to ensure their right and improve their economic conditions. We could also self-produce many of the things we need, recovering a manual ability that is being lost. In a world with limited resources, buy less things but quality or also don't buy at all. Smile
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