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Boycott Bank of America Online Bank

Boycott (definition)
noun) Boycott is the mode of protest against a policy, event, corporation etc by abstaining from participation, purchase, or direct support. Eg. Boycotting a corporation which is harming the environment, economy or personal lives of the boycotters. Boycott is generally resorted to catch public attention for the cause of their protest and bankrupt the company that is causing the damage. In essence the boycott means do not buy from or support the target business in any way, shape, or form and above all spred the word.

Having watched the Occupy Wall Street movement for several weeks now I must say I am amazed at the solidarity. However, interviews with some of the protesters asking them to sum up in one word what OWS is all about led to many blank stares. OWS supporters need to focus with laser-like precision. We have seen this all before.... Vietnam protests, Kent State, Etc. People watch protests on TV with mild interest. Even though most Americans agree with what OWS is saying, most are too drugged with consumerism, sports, the Kardashians and the latest release of the iPhone 5 or whatever. There is a better way to effect MASSIVE change. The internet is POWERFUL and we need to focus on getting the word out in a huge way. Bankrupting the US financial system will result in total collapse - trust me we will all suffer in a VERY BAD way if that happens. We need to invest our hard earned dollars in AMERICA and sutainable American banks/businesses

The key is a massive drive to re-direct our spending power as a nation from Bank of America to the local credit union/savings and loan, from Walmart to the local mom and pop, and from Monsanto products to those grown locally and sustainably. We need an organized Internet movement to wake people up and accomplish this. SEO experts, web designers and other tech gurus need to mobilize to blast the web with the truth so our economy shifts from consumer spending on destructive companies to sustainable ones. This whole global economy does not wash. It is so unbalanced that all of our jobs are gone to China maximizing profits for corporate heads that are the beneficiaries of the cheap labor. All of these overseas investors coming here are not keeping the money in YOUR community! They are sending the profits home to India, China or wherever. It is one big systematic screwing of the American worker!

Please post your ideas here and help mobilize others to get the word out about the power of the boycott and how to spend your hard earned dollars on local sustainable AMERICAN businesses. Links are on the right hand side of this page as thumbnails.


Your fellow Americans SAY IT ALL - BOYCOTT BP and other evil corporations. SO important I re-posted this video from our intro page. Watch it until it sinks in!

THINK STRATEGICALLY - How to Boycott Video

My list would be: Bank of America , JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, PNC, PayPal, Exxon-Mobil, British Petroleum (BP), (BP Subsidiaries: Amoco, Arco, Castrol), Monsanto (All GMO Foods), Walmart, Philip Morris, Kraft Food, PepsiCo, Coca Cola, McDonalds, Nabisco Brands, Paypal, All Chinese Products

Here is a great site:

Online Bank - Bank of America BOYCOTT

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