Obviously.... JP Morgan

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Obviously.... JP Morgan

Post by rickb06 on Tue Nov 01, 2011 2:38 am

If you want to change practices, we need to file federal lawsuits every single time protesters get arrested protesting in our near big banks. JP Morgan was recently listed as the most 'rich' bank. they also decided that they were going to convert the derivatives market to cash and liquefy it. This is sick and wrong. They are toying with out very retirement. We need to take the money out of our accounts. withdrawl your money at the ATM so they dont hassle you inside the banks. together we can take all their money. They also have my student load, incentive for me! Smile Just kidding, but they are evil and need to be brought down a couple notches. We're feeding the system solely to satisfy the system. Not for us, not for me, and not for YOU. The system is all about maintaining the system. It's one large autonomous conspiracy. It's about control and wealth restriction. Sure you can be successful but in all honesty, the odds are stacked against you, the success rates of new small businesses in the US are staggeringly low, worse than our 50% divorce rate. Every think if we fixed our government there would be less crime, drugs, ignorance, and hate? Get with it America!


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