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Abuse Of Police Power MAP Empty Abuse Of Police Power MAP

Post by Pied Piper on Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:58 pm

Here is a map highlighting abuse of police power. This is an indicator of permissiveness by the local government rather than clusters of abusive officers. Allow this behavior and the abusive officers will act accordingly. The police career field attracts bullies. If you allow them to act - they will! the excessive force map* is the one you really need to look at when choosing a state to live in. The other misconduct maps include bribes and other crimes. Excessive force can get you hurt or killed! You have to look at the data that is important to you and relates to preserving your freedoms.

Abuse Of Police Power MAP Boot10

Full Size County by County Map (bottom map) Link:


Another Good Map


Density Map and article:


Excessive Force Map*:


Abuse Of Police Power MAP 2010q2pmrmap2

Abuse Of Police Power MAP Pmbs

Abuse Of Police Power MAP 0000a

Abuse Of Police Power MAP Excessiveforce

Full maps is on links at top:

Abuse Of Police Power MAP Map1vk

Abuse Of Police Power MAP Npmsrp2009ccpmrmap1
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