Homeowners Association Wants To Take Pet From Downs Syndrome CHILD!

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Homeowners Association Wants To Take Pet From Downs Syndrome CHILD!

Post by Hipster on Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:50 pm

This evil homeowers association full of greedy, snobby, 1% ers wants to remove a pet kangaroo that acts as therapy for a child with Downs Syndrome! Send your comments directly to this evil HOA (ADDRESS & PHONE AT BOTTOM) . PPL are getting real SICK of this abuse and control! Let the kid keep her pet you evil snobs! Boycott developments that have HOA's and buy in areas that have little or no restrictions.

THIS is how eveil these HOA's ARE!

Spring family fighting HOA to keep special-needs daughter's pet kangaroo

SPRING, Texas – A local family is locked in a fight with their HOA over an unusual pet.

The Dreis family has a 6-month-old kangaroo, Mike.

But they didn’t get Mike just for fun – he’s actually there to help the family’s 16-year-old special-needs daughter, Kala.

Jeni Dreis said she got Mike for Kala from the Texas Downs, a facility that helps disabled adults.

"They seem to relate to each other a lot better. Animals sense that they have a special-needs child around them and special-needs children learn how to be tender and sweet around them," Jeni Dreis said.

Kala has only had Mike for a month, but her mom said he’s already taught the teen a lot.

"Kala has been learning to care for him, and Kala has learned how to meet needs above her own," Jeni Dreis said.

But the neighborhood HOA has different ideas about Mike’s future.

Jeni Dreis said the organization sent her family a letter asking that they "immediately remove the kangaroo" from their property, because it is "not a household pet."

That’s left Kala heartbroken at the prospect of losing her new friend.

"I would cry," she said.

Jeni Dreis said she’s sent a letter back to the HOA protesting the order, but as of Tuesday, she was still waiting to hear back.


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