Liberal = CONTROL, Republican's = CORP MONOPOLY, How about FREEDOM!

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Liberal = CONTROL, Republican's = CORP MONOPOLY, How about FREEDOM!

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Here is the truth about freedom from John Stossel and a group of forward free thinking Libertarian students. So wihout Government control how can we stop corporate abuse, environmental destruction and have safe food? Through our PURCHASING CHOICES! The consumer drives the market. If we all use the responsible local bank instead of the abusive corporate bank guess what... No more corporate bank! If everyone recycles and refuses to buy unsustainable vehicles and products the manufacturers will get it. We also need to pressure our peers as to what is right and wrong. If your neighbor dumping raw sewage into the creek the whole town needs to tell him in town meeting to stop. The conservative Republicans are not for your freedoms. They want war to benefit corporations, environmental destruction due to unsustainable big business, and bash gays b/c the don't meet their moral standards. That is not true freedom. We all know liberals and socialists want the nanny state to control you - just look at the monster California has become! Here are some good ideas about freedom from control from John Stossel:

Maine Republican convention delegates were thrown out of the RNC for supporting Dr. Paul

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