People Don't Hate The Rich Because They Are Rich....

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People Don't Hate The Rich Because They Are Rich....

Post by Hipster on Wed Aug 15, 2012 2:50 pm

No one hates the rich because they are rich - they are hated because of the way they waste money while people who want to work are unemployed and starving. Here is a prime example:

'Rich Kids of Instagram': Overserved and Oversharing

By Robert Frank | CNBC

First came Paris Hilton. Then the documentary about heirs of the One Percent, "Born Rich," and MTV's series "My Super Sweet 16." Now comes the dot-com version of silver-spoon voyeurism: "The Rich Kids of Instagram."
The blog on Tumblr
features photos set in gilded frames of rich kids and wanna-bes in
various states of excess, undress and indulgence, and ever since its
launch last month, "The Rich Kids of Instagram" has touched off a
firestorm of debate over rich kids and social media.

One shot shows three teens swimming at a lake - and pouring Dom
Perignon into one other's mouths. Another shows a guy sticking a giant
foam finger out of his Ferrari, while in another kids slide down a giant
inflatable slide attached to the side of their mega-yacht.

The site also marks the debut of a whole new genre: "receipt porn."
Some posts consist of a photograph of a 100,000-euro meal receipt from
St. Tropez or a $42,000 bar bill.

Dom Perignon also features prominently throughout: being poured on heads,
being poured into a spaghetti sauce and being paired with a hot dog (and
girl with bikini) "at poolside." The site might as well be called "Dom
Gone Wild" (since bikinis also feature prominently).

The captions would be the stuff revolutions are built on - if the
whole site were not so proudly and ridiculously superficial. There is a
shot of a guy getting off a yacht with the caption "How else do u expect
to get around in the Hamptons."

A shot of five dudes in a private jet bears the caption "Flying
private with friends." Shoes, watches and jewelry make up the bulk of
the shots, and there is one shot captioned, "All my Amex," exhibiting a
gold card, black card and platinum card. Another depicts a guy wearing a
necklace made of money.

That's not to mention the photos that have been taken off the site for being, well, too much.
Michael Dell's daughter Alexa posted a photo of her brother, Zachary,
enjoying a feast on their private-jet flight to Fiji. Alexa has also
been tweeting information about her schedule and shopping plans,
creating a potential security risk. The photo and some of her
over-sharing was taken down.

What to make of all this? The site has generated more than its share
of scolding and class warfare on the web. Rebecca Greenfield writes in The Atlantic
that "Preteens posing with helicopters they did nothing to earn and
posting the pictures online for others to ogle provides an easy in for
commentary on the state of the American dream. (Dead.)"

But let's be real: many of the kids on "Rich Kids of Instagram" are
not really rich. And most of the stuff they're doing is not all that
unusual - like wearing a suit and sunglasses. Most of the photos are
just young people partying by pools or nightclubs

The site's founder, contacted by email, wants to remain anonymous. "We find
anonymity is a hard thing to replace," they wrote. Regarding the site's
popularity and mission, the founder said it's "more popular than most
ideas that take shape over a few glasses of wine. It's going well."

He/she added that the site has taken down "a few" photos.

Like the "Housewives" and other stars of rich-reality shows, the
"Rich Kids of Instagram" is as much of a frivolous pose as it is a real
window into the lives of rich kids. Those real lives, no doubt, would
not always be as interesting or photogenic.

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