Most Interesting Man In The World - Voices His Opinion! Gets Verbally Attacked

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Most Interesting Man In The World - Voices His Opinion! Gets Verbally Attacked

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Right wing Republican types are attacking Dos Equis for Mr. Goldsmith exercising his freedom of speech. They always claim to be patriots and for freedom, but can't accept when someone has views other than their own! Show your support for Jonathan by clicking and supporting one of his charity links at the bottom...

Dos Equis 'Most Interesting Man in the World' to Host Obama Fundraiser

Jonathan Goldsmith - Most Interesting!

Dos Equis fans are not too happy with the actor's political stance and are threatening to boycott the beer!

Jonathan IS in fact VERY interesting!
While hiking Mount Whitney during a snowstorm—you know, a typical weekend for the most interesting man in the world—Goldsmith came across a man who had collapsed with hypothermia. He stayed with the ailing man until help arrived the next morning. He also once saved a 10-year old girl from drowning in Malibu. So think about that before you bash him for his personal views!

LIKE This Page and write some words of support for FREEDOM OF SPEECH even if you are not a fan of Obama:

Sep 18, 2012 @ 10:25 AM

ARTICLE: If we were President Obama, we'd be psyched to have the legendary
"most interesting man in the world" putting on a fundraiser for us. But
after news spread of actor Jonathan Goldsmith's upcoming fundraiser, Dos Equis fans say they won't buy the beer anymore.

Goldsmith's event is to be held in Burlington, Vermont Featuring Speaker of the Vermont House Shap Smith.
Now, the Dos Equis Facebook page has
exploded with comments from fans angry at Goldsmith's political stance.
Said one Facebook user, "Not thirsty for Obama supporters... Control
your boy. Boycotting your beer. Fail!"

Dos Equis released a statement
saying that the actor is not representing the brand at the event. "Mr.
Goldsmith's opinions and views are strictly his own, and do not
represent those of Dos Equis," the company said. But the concern remains
that many people associate the brand with Goldsmith's infamous

Still, not all hope is lost. Other Facebook fans pledged to continue
to support Dos Equis — perhaps even more so thanks to Goldsmith's
politics. Said another Facebook fan, "Because you support Obama, you
have earned many, many customers for life! I'm going out now to buy a case!" ABC News' statistics
say that about 24,000 fans of Dos Equis on Faceboook are also fans of
Obama. Obama might want to rethink that craft beer stance now.

Support these FINE causes:

And buy a CASE of Dos Equis Beer in support of freedom of speech!

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