Job and Rights Loss in America

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Job and Rights Loss in America

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People are losing jobs because jobs are being deliberately shipped overseas. These same hard working Americans are then suppressed by the police when the anger boils over. The solytion? Don't live in police states like NY, NJ, IL, CA, MD and migrate to a rural area or small town where the Sheriff is a know supporter of constitutional rights.

Are American workers at risk of losing their jobs? YES! Particularly if they pursued what they thought were safe jobs in today's commerce. When American workers lost their blue-collar jobs they stepped up to the plate and educated themselves in the technologies that they were told would assure them security. Sadly, corporate America lied. Not only are American workers losing their coveted jobs, but in unprecedented moves they are being asked to train their replacements.

By the thousands jobs are being exported, or the new word, outsourced to India, Hong Kong, The Peoples Republic of China, Panama, Manila, The Philippines; and many other countries where the local citizens speak English. Jobs are moving offshore to any country where the populace is accustomed to working for pennies a day. Any sum above a dollar in many cases, is the beginning to middle-class wealth and a vast change of lifestyle.

Are you wondering how to safeguard yourself? It's not very promising, but here's the scoop. All manufacturing careers are going overseas. It's as simple and as appalling as that.

Since 1986, 15 million high-paying manufacturing jobs have left the US and American workers. Need a second to take absorb that? It's startling, I know. But the horrifying truth is, sooner than you think, not a single automobile, airplane, or ship will be assembled or manufactured in the land of free, home of the brave. It won't be long thereafter, that all manufacturers wanting to stay competitive will seek to bring their businesses to the millions of workers overseas. After all, they are willing to work for a pittance without the contrivance or interference of nasty unions, health benefits, 401K's, and the multitude of perks the American worker has worked hard to achieve.

If your job can be performed as well elsewhere, you are in grave danger of losing your jobs. If your job relies on computer skills, telephone skills, manufacturing.your days are numbered. Any job that can be performed in another location, preferably outside of the realm of American wages and American work-related laws, are going.

Corporate America is sending our jobs and the jobs of our fellow Americans abroad to foreign countries so that the company that is multi-billions of dollars wealthy can save money by farming its work outside of America and far from American workers. I don't know about you, but I'm mad as hell and I don't want to take it anymore.

The very companies we made rich by buying their products, their computers, their software, their clothing, their kitchen gadgets, their televisions -- are thanking us by taking the jobs of our citizens and moving them, excuse me, outsourcing them, to countries and a workforce far from our shores. They're doing this for one reason and one reason only: The Almighty Dollar. It's despicable.

If we don't do something and do something quick, it's going to be too late. Our lifestyle and our wealth will cease to exist, as we know it. The wealthy few will be the corporate entities that outsourced their workforce.

After Shirley Turner, a Democratic state senator from New Jersey discovered that a program from her state, Families First, which provides welfare recipients with grocery debit cards had been outsourced to Mumbai , India , she proposed bill No. 1349. Her bill, which was approved unanimously by the New Jersey Senate in December 2002, would require all state contracts to be performed by either US citizens or foreign citizens who work legally in the United States .

Following her lead, Connecticut , Maryland , Missouri , and Wisconsin all have similar bills under consideration. However, folks, this is a very small pebble making tiny ripples. It is time we stepped up to the plate.

We need to revolt. We need to get mad as hell and unwilling to take this anymore. Not just because corporate America is a lethal indignity; not just because truth in advertising is a lie; not just because American jobs are being shipped out of the country. We need to realize we are the power, we can make this a better world, a better place in which to raise the next generation. We can start here and now and tell Bill Gates' Microsoft, the McAfee's and Norton's, The Gateway's, the Dell's, our telephone companies, and insurance companies, and our Internet providers that if they want our business, they are going to have to earn it.and they're going to have to keep on earning it. It's time folks to become mad as hell and not take it anymore.

We need to boycott products that are outsourced. We need to write letters to our representatives and our local newspapers. We need to make our voices heard. We need to parade in front of corporate offices and hold banners high and shout out loud "We are mad as hell and we are not going to take this anymore!" We need to write to the CEO's and write them again and tell them how we feel. But first and foremost, we need to stop buying their products and their services.

Finally, we need to safeguard ourselves by becoming re-educated and prepared for the possibility that we may need to fit into a new workforce.

Written by Norma Sherry

So what can we do? Write our Senator? NO, that won't do any good. How about creating small cottage industries and buying locally.... Any thoughts.......

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