Do NOT Give Facebook Your Photo ID, D.O.B. or ANY Documents!

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Do NOT Give Facebook Your Photo ID, D.O.B. or ANY Documents!

Post by NotRepublicanOrDemocrat on Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:19 am

Who the hell is FACEBOOK? Why would you give a PRIVATE company with god knows who working there your personal ID? DON'T DO IT!!!!! There are alternatives to facebook listed below, but the same thing applies - Give NO ONE but a bank, police officer or employer your real age, date of birth, SS #, real address or any other identifying information about you! Think this is a joke? When you have a warrant for your arrest because someone stole your ID and committed crimes in your name you won't be laughing!

TRUE STORY: A Covington man who stole another man's identity more than 30 years
ago after a bar fight and lived under it since then will now be living under his real name in federal prison. Curtis Tyrone Wudtee, 62, was sentenced Friday to 57 months in prison. He pleaded guilty last year to misue of a Social Security number, aggravated identity theft and being a felon in possession of a firearm. Wudtee lived under a stolen name -- described by prosecutors as "M.L.S" -- since 1977. And he didn't live well. He had several criminal convictions under that name and also failed to pay back taxes, prosecutors say. His life under a stolen identity was discovered a year ago when the real M.L.S. applied for a driver's license in New York. He was told to bring his Washington state indentification. But he had never set foot in Washington. That ultimately led to Wudtee and a search of his home. The search turned up four guns, including one that had been stolen, prosecutors say. M.L.S. had seen a warning flag about this before. In the mid-1980s, the IRS contacted him bout taxes owed for work on the West Coast. But he showed he hadn't worked on the West Coast and the matter was dropped, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Seattle. Back in Washington, Wudtee, living as M.L.S., was running afoul of the law repeatedly and getting convicted of crimes that meant he couldn't own a gun. In 1979, he was convicted in the armed robbery of service station, officials say. His victim was beaten and pistol-whipped. Wudtee was sentenced to 20 years. In 1994, Wudtee argued with friends and fired five rounds at their feet. He was later convicted of reckless endangerment and unlawful display of a weapon. In 2005, he punched his wife and hit her with the blunt end of a hatchet. And he threated to "blow her away," the U.S. Attorney's Office says. Police showed up and found two guns. Wudtee was convicted of domestic violence and unlawful possession of a firearm. Officials say the real M.L.S. told them that he encounted Wudtee in 1977 -- during a bar fight in Baltimore, Md. Wudtee left with M.L.S.' wallet...... And a new name.

Alternatives to FACEBOOK:

Twitter - While
smaller and more narrow in focus, twitter is hardly an also ran, it is
growing at least as fast as Facebook and is causing quite a lot of
waves, with a well publicised role in revolutionary movements in Egypt,
Iran and other countries.

LinkedIn -
Linked-in is a Professional social networking site with approximately 80
million users worldwide. Good for maintaining professional contacts
with colleagues, clients and others. Also used for recruiting work and

MySpace -
Originally the big name in social networking. It is most popular with
young people, and has 100 million + members. Following a re-branding, it
is now specifically stated as being music orientated and targeting
young people.

Bebo - General social networking
site with around 117 million users. Bebo stands for Blog Early, Blog
Often. Users get their own profile page and can add photos, blogs,
videos and questionnaires amongst other things.

Habbo - Social
networking site for teenagers. 200 million users. Habbo was previously
called Habbo Hotel, and mimics a virtual hotel which users enter. They
can chat in chat rooms that are mocked up to be cinemas, restaurants and
dance clubs, with virtual bots bringing you drinks or serving at your

Tumblr - Tumblr is part blog and
part social networking site. Users can create their own blogs and follow
other people's blogs in a similar way to social networks. As of
February 2012, it had 46 million blogs on it's site, and more than 18
billion posts.

The Next Big Thing in Social Networking

Or the new kids on the block. There are many pretenders to Facebook's
crown, but to really have any major effect on Facebook's hegemony,
newcomers have to have a different take on the social networking theme,
their own unique selling point, something that makes them stand out from
the crowd. Here are just a few of the contenders.

Four Square - If there is one thing that deserves the label 'next big thing in social
networking' it is location based services. There has certainly been a
lot of noise about it recently. Location based services are mobile phone
based, where the game or app recognises your location and uses that. In
Four Square you collect badges for visiting different places, you can
even become 'mayor' of places like your local coffee shop by being the
person who visits most often. Location based services are starting to be
used by shops and other businesses to offer vouchers to those visiting.

Diaspora - This is a new
social network, still in development phase, which gives you full
ownership and control of all data, photos, writing etc which you put on
there. This is in contrast to Facebook, that effectively uses your data
however it likes after you've put it on there.

Path - Path is a =social network which limits you to 50 friends. The idea of this is to be
able to share your photos, thoughts, your life really, with just the
people you are closest to. It is based on the theory, that people
generally only really trust at most about 50 people.

Zurker -
Zurker is a very new social network (less than 6 months old), but it
could just be the next big thing. The big difference is that is
community controlled and owned. Once you sign up, you can refer new
members and in doing so you earn shares which make you a part owner in
the site. OK so the odds are stacked against it, but you never know,
wouldn't you want to get in there at the start, just in case? It looks
quite good too, clean, simple and so new you can still smell the barely
dried paint on the walls... Zurker is by invitation only, but click here if you are in USA, or click here if you live anywhere else to follow my invite link and sign up. Its numbers have been climbing steadily, so who knows?


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