Cut Plastic Out Of Your Life TODAY!

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Cut Plastic Out Of Your Life TODAY! Empty Cut Plastic Out Of Your Life TODAY!

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Plastic waste is filling our oceans at an alarming rate. These videos outline just how serious the problems is. What can you do?

1. Avoid plastic utensils, cups, lids and disposables opting for reusable glass/metal/ceramic instead. If you are out and about don't use that plastic lid and straw on your drink cup, just drink from the cup. Tell a company that you dislike their use of non biodegradable utensils and give them links like this:

2) Look for plastic in the street and pick it up to put in the recycling bin. Make this a daily habit! This plastic goes into the storm sewer, then into the river, and eventually into the ocean as shown in the videos.

3) Avoid buying anything made of plastic. Use ceramic bowels, metal utensils, clay flower pots, reusable tupperware to store leftovers, and wood toys for your kids.

4) If you live near an ocean or river organize a cleanup. Bring a bag and clean up as much plastic as you can find. This is more important than playing a video game on a Sunday.

Here are the videos that show the shocking truth:

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