13 Year Old Girl Knows How To Defend Herself!

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13 Year Old Girl Knows How To Defend Herself!

Post by Consumer Alert on Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:43 am

 You have got to see this competitive shooter to believe it!

Think you can't learn to shoot? Watch this!

Notice how 13 year old competitive shooter Katelyn Francis safely shows an empty weapon at the end...

Here is Katie's Interview

A responsible 12 year old uses handgun to stop possible attack inside home

Here is an 11 year old in New Mexico that defended herself

More responsible kids defending themselves in an increasingly violent world

Deputy Constable's son "opens fire" on violent home invaders

Irresponsible children should not have access to firearms. With that being said not all children are irresponsible. If your kid is raised in New Jersey, New York or Massachusetts with video games you should not have guns in the house. There is nothing wrong with age appropriate, trained, and responsible rural kids having access to firearms.
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