The Ideal Political Stance (For Middle America)

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The Ideal Political Stance (For Middle America) Empty The Ideal Political Stance (For Middle America)

Post by No More Politicians on Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:34 pm

Are you tired of Republicans and Democrats controlling you by way of big corporate America? Do you want to voice your own common sense views? I will share mine if you are still trying to figure yours out! Bottom line think and vote INDEPENDENT!

The topics in red are traditionally Republican views

The topics in Blue are traditionally Democrat views

  • WAR: Not unless it is a last resort to protect the world from another Hitler. No more unilateral decisions or "police actions". We will take the Swiss and form a "Home Guard" to keep the country safe.
  • Economy: No more catering to big corporations with tax cuts. We need a localized economy with incentives for small business to succeed. We need a national network of small business and banks all working in unison to eliminate corporate monopoly.  
  • Gun Control: Allow unrestricted ownership and carry with a license requiring strict background checks, mental health check, and comprehensive training. Bottom line: You qualify you are good to go. If not no guns. Strict child access protection law with felony penalties if a child get a hold of an unlocked gun and uses it to harm another.
  • Constitution: Protect and defend the US Constitution as it was written with no amendments.
  • Gay Marriage: Legalized in EVERY state as a basic human right
  • Healthcare: OPTIONAL single payer system that administered by the STATES, not the Federal Gov't. Analyse every region and determine LIVEABLE wage. Anyone making under LIVEABLE has free insurance. Everyone make over that is on an escalating sliding scale.
  • Welfare: Turn welfare into workfare by taxing Chinese goods at 45%, and incentivize companies to keep skilled jobs in the USA. No more government checks to buy alcohol or drugs. Establish a fair and equitable program for healthy surplus food distribution to anyone needing 3 meals. The only people who get a free ride are the disabled (blind, paralysed etc)
  • Threats: Simple, NO MORE VISAS for people from any country that sponsors teror. No more free educations or flying lessons  for foreign nationals.
  • Border: Incentives for non skilled manufacturing to be removed from China and sent to Mexico. No need for a border fence as everyone will be working. All skilled jobs must return to the USA. 
  • Abortion: Free and legal until let's say 2 months (health of mother exception). After that the baby really starts developing. Both sides have valid points. IF you cannot make up your mind in 8 weeks > YOUR BAD!
  • War on Drugs: Legalize and regulate
  • Self-defense: Everyone (regardless of sex, age, race or orientation) in every state has the right to self defense if ACTUALLY threatened and you are not the aggressor.
  • Helping the World: No more aid to countries in the form of US dollars or arms. ONLY humanitarian food aid and technologies to obtain fresh water or farming will be offered, and unlimited quantities.
No More Politicians
No More Politicians

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