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If a rich middle aged Californian wants to move to your state the best thing you can do is shun them and tell as many people as possible not to do business with them, rent to them or sell them real estate. A little to harsh? NO. Do you REALLY want people moving to YOUR state that have TRASHED Cali with their insane political choices and want total control of their "subjects"? They want to make YOUR state "just like California". They are already in the process of doing this in Colorado and Oregon. Both those states are heading for collapse also. You think they just want to control guns? In the "Peoples Republic of California" it is illegal for your kid to own a pet Gerbil, and you need permission from a lifeguard in LA County to throw a frisbee! Move over NY, NJ & Mass - California leads the pack in big controlling government!

In California dial 911 and wait 30 minutes!

Everyones leaving!

The truth about Cali

People like THIS created the problem by choosing politicians who tolerate this. She is now moving to your state to make the same political choices!

How to differentiate between a good and bad Californian.

The BAD Californian:
Middle aged, liberal to an extreme, claims to be pro-environment - consumes heavily, shops at Whole Foods, drives a Volvo or Subaru, has a Nancy Pelosi sticker on her car, Wears designer clothing/glasses, whimsical hats and eclectic clothing, LOVES government control.

The good Californian:
Twenty something, independent thinker, hates government and corporate control, pro-environment, shops at the local food co-op, 'Hipster" wear, drives a car powered by veg oil, has a Ron Paul sticker on his car, and did I mention HATES government control.

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