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Facebook - Data Mining At It's Finest

The fact that Facebook is asking and finding ways to harvest more and more users personal data is no secret. The Facebook Timeline is a prime example of such. Asking users to fill in memorable or key events of their lives. Facebook is one of the worst social media sites for asking for personal data. It asks for your name, D.O.B, work places, relationships, asks if you want to list your  family  members and much more. Facebook does this for marketing purposes. The more they know about you, the better they can use you as a target audience for their marketing schemes and thus make money. It's that simple. The people behind Facebook are strangers, they couldn't care less that you are dating Joe Bloggs and the people you befriend are, typically, people you know so they know most of this information anyway. Facebook is now asking for mobile/cell phone numbers!

There is an alternative

About Zurker - Is Zurker a scam: http://www.zurkerscam.com

Zurker - A new kind of social media Zurker

Zurker is a member-owned social network, driven by democracy.
Zurker exists for the benefit of the community, as opposed to corporate masters who want to use it to milk the community for money.
Zurker is guaranteed to serve the community, because it is owned by the community and all of these members have a say in how Zurker is run.
The traditional way for social networks to innovate has been top-down all the way. A small group of engineers make key decisions about what features should be made available. The users are forced to adapt to changes because they have no other choice. At Zurker, we believe that if our members own the project, they will enthusiastically contribute ideas and feedback, allowing the Zurker development team to develop the social application most in tune with what people actually want.
Zurker guarantees your privacy and freedom of speech.
Only Zurker can guarantee that your data is safe. Other social networks are accountable to their investors, who don’t care that much about users’ privacy, to put it mildly. But at Zurker, the members are the owners, which means they do care about your (and their own) privacy. Zurker will never ever sell any of your data to advertisers. Zurker will not analyze your posts, comments, or zurks for monetizable data. The members who form and own the community would never tolerate any of that.
Social networks worried about corporate relationships will easily give in to the publicity departments of Fortune 500 companies that have the clout to buy substantial advertising. Not so at Zurker. Zurker guarantee your freedom of speech. There is no censorship on Zurker. That means you can say, on your own posts, what you want, and Zurker will never, ever delete, edit, or remove your posts. Zurker will not suspend or ban your account based on the content of your posts. Your freedom of speech is sacrosanct on Zurker.

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