Florida - Land of Gangs

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Florida - Land of Gangs

Post by Morgan James on Mon May 12, 2014 9:12 am

Don't move to Florida until you watch this video

When I moved to Orlando in the early 1990's it was the Mickey Mouse town or O'town. Some crime on the West side then, but now all of Orlando is gangs and hoodlums. In the late 90's they were advertising in the South Bronx that you could own a home in Florida for no money down. They would even fly people down there just to get them to sign up! ALL of the South Bronx came and now Orlando is "da hood" for real. I got my Florida Concealed Carry License in 2002 and never leave home without it.

Note sign on building - "Stop Renting Own in Florida". This photo was taken is Kew Gardens NYC

Thinking of moving to Orlando or anywhere in Florida? Think again and watch this video. Florida is out of control. You think Orlando is bad South Florida is WAY WORSE! Warning Graphic Language

County by county map of gang membership

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