Building for Coming Disasters

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Building for Coming Disasters

Post by Xtreme Weather on Sat Jul 05, 2014 9:08 am

Why do builders keep re-building stick built homes after destruction in tornado alley?

Here is the solution: <<<

The tragedy in North America is that builders and building code bodies ignore relatively simple construction methods available that are definitely capable of resisting EF-5 tornadoes. Most homebuilders rebuild the destroyed houses with the same vulnerable technology with which they were built originally. The International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings does not provide for tornado-resistant home design and construction. After such disasters have occurred, a number of expert sources have publicly offered subjective explanations for failures and have proposed "disaster-resistant" solutions that have not been documented as being capable of resisting severe tornado winds. Most of them are based on trying to upgrade wood-framed technology that has consistently failed in major tornadoes and hurricanes over the years.
Promoters have proclaimed "tornado proof" solutions without showing documentation that a single house constructed according to their concepts has ever survived a direct hit by an EF3 (136-165 mph winds) to an EF5 (Greater than 200 mph winds) tornado. Upon inquiry to those making such claims, technical solutions, verified by conventional structural analysis, usually have not been forthcoming. In addition, promoters of houses with reinforced concrete walls and wood-framed roofs are also tending to imply tornado-resistant assertions. The conventional wood-framed roofs are consistently destroyed even when the concrete walls are still intact.
Some of these experts continue to pursue ways to build a "survivable" wood-framed house even though it has been amply demonstrated to be outside the capability of the materials and procedures used for assembly. It is simply not possible to cost effectively accomplish within the parameters of the home building assembly techniques being used in North America. Most of the market-oriented claims that new houses being built are tornado-resistant, earthquake resistant, and hurricane-resistant are mainly based upon undocumented opinion and not on actual field experience, rigorous structural analysis, or research laboratory verifications. Courtesy of:

There is only one solution:

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