Obama Bans Russian Imports - but NOT Communist Chinese Prods.

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Obama Bans Russian Imports - but NOT Communist Chinese Prods. Empty Obama Bans Russian Imports - but NOT Communist Chinese Prods.

Post by Ban Red China on Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:58 pm

All trade between the US and Communist Red China should cease - Oh, I forgot that would hurt the pocket books of rich Republican controlled multi-national corporations that are in bed with a Communist Regime to save money on labor and deliberately eliminate American jobs. It would also halt the import of cheap, environmentally destructive, and Chinese worker harming products. That would pose an issue for all the Skoal dipping "bubba" Republicans who shop for Red Chinese goods at Walmart and then complain about the "Socialist Agenda". BTW I am NO Liberal by any stretch of the imagination!

The banned Item (Only ones made in Russia by Kalashnikov Corp)
Obama Bans Russian Imports - but NOT Communist Chinese Prods. Ak10

The "Ban": Of course the Republican extremist wing nuts are saying this is a gun ban and Obama is taking their guns, the same old drone. It is a Russian product ban, PEROID! The Russian Federation needs to be sent a message, but at the same time so do the Chinese. I could care less about the Kalashnikov, and it's not even about importing guns. Stop the corporate screwing of American workers!

This week, the Treasury Department used authority delegated to it by the president, under Executive Order 13661, to sanction Russian gun maker Kalashnikov Concern (formerly Izhmash). In the United States, the manufacturer is best known for its popular Saiga rifles and shotguns. While ostensibly a measure to curb aggression by some in the Russian Federation, the move does bar from importation firearms that gun control supporters have long sought to ban. We of course recognize the important role that enacting sanctions can have in furthering legitimate U.S. foreign policy interests. However, in this instance the extent to which these actions coincide with the stated domestic policy goals of gun control supporters is more than a little unsettling. As such, NRA-ILA is monitoring this situation closely.
Executive Order 13661, titled, “Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine,” was signed March 16th in response to Russian actions in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The order gives the Secretary of the Treasury the power to compile an appropriate list of entities to be sanctioned. On July 16th, the Treasury Department announced that it was expanding this list to include Kalashnikov Concern.

These sanctions are good, but the real problem is China, NOT Russia.
Ban Red China
Ban Red China

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