Boycott Uber and Lyft

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Boycott Uber and Lyft

Post by Locavore on Mon Sep 15, 2014 1:03 pm

Boycott these evil monopolies that are now tied to Goldman Sachs!

Cab companies may be sleazy at times but they are at least local keeping money in the local economy. Uber and Lyft have morphed from a cool idea to monopolizing, greedy, corporate giants that screw their drivers. These companies are hollow and are a scam. The drivers would be better off working for a conventional cab company.

Travis Kalanick - Uber CEO - Net Worth $18.2 BILLION! And he accuses the small cab companies of being a cartel? What cab company owner is worth BILLIONS?

Public enemy NUMBER ONE!

I've been mystified how Uber's kept up their "Underdog" mantle for as long as they have. They've raised over $1.5B in investment from some of the biggest companies, private equity firms, and VCs on earth. I think you stop being an underdog as soon as Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, TPG, KPCB, Google, and Jeff Bezos are invested in your success.
They likely have more cash-on-hand than the cumulative Taxi base they are 'disrupting', they've been caught multiple times sabotaging competitors, they've been outed for dishonest advertising, and have been repeatedly accused of hostile actions toward their drivers. They ignore sensible regulations like maximum hourly workweeks and insurance minimums (do you want your driver working 90hrs/week without liability insurance?) under the guise of fighting the taxi cartel.

It often takes a 'push' to get bad laws changed, and Uber's provided much of that push, but not all laws that restrain business are bad and not all companies that break bad laws are good.

One more point - Uber and Lyft are credit card based APP's that don't give you the option to pay in good old American cash

Uber Real Estate Greed:

Uber greed screwing drivers:

Uber and lyft screwing each other:

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Re: Boycott Uber and Lyft

Post by APPCode on Tue Sep 16, 2014 2:15 pm

This is the WORST example of corporate greed I have ever seen. I bunch of hip spoiled kids are now billionaires and acting like oil barrons! YES, BOYCOTT Uber and Lyft!

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