Immigration - Yes, But ALL Jobs are now GONE!

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Immigration - Yes, But ALL Jobs are now GONE! Empty Immigration - Yes, But ALL Jobs are now GONE!

Post by Limit Immigration on Fri Oct 10, 2014 7:40 am

Think about it. All manufacturing is gone to China and other cheap labor countries. What jobs are left are given to foreigners because the US Government subsidies their salaries by offering businesses $1 an hour to hire them. To add insult to injury Somali immigrants get brand new apartments, unlimited food stamps, real dental care, vehicles, business loans, cash and are living high off the hog while Americans are told to go to the homeless shelter!

It's one thing to allow a systematic immigration program where immigrants start at the bottom and have to work their way up, but to give the cow away while Americans literally starve is WRONG!

If you go to any other country as an American you get NOTHING! And you are at the bottom when it comes to hiring - as it should be!

Write your congressman and STOP this madness now!
Limit Immigration
Limit Immigration

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