Don't lump the good cops in with the bad!

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Don't lump the good cops in with the bad! Empty Don't lump the good cops in with the bad!

Post by  on Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:24 am

We ALL want change and freedom from corporate greed, opression, lying and corruption. Harming others is not a way to accomplish this. We may cheer and snicker when a hacking group invades a government site, but trust me this is not the solution. The old saying two wrongs don't make a right stands true today. A group hacked into a police website and exposed officer's personal information to the public putting them at risk. I agree there are MANY jack booted, militaristic thug cops who should not wear a badge. There are also many EXCELLENT cops who will give you a break for speeding, help a kid in need and perhaps - as the first one on the scene - save your life with CPR! The way to change is with the massive peaceful boycott, and if the issue is corruption with an officer take your complaint to the states attorney. Please think carefully about how your actions effect innocent people and choose the legal and proper path to resolve issues. This forum is all about peaceful and lawful action!

On another note: Many will disagree, but I have no problem giving an officer ID. After he determines I have no warrant/record there is a lot less tension. Since I never do anything wrong I have nothing to hide. Remember the traffic stop or other contact is one of the ways that dangerous felons that could harm YOUR family are caught. If I were to be stopped and an officer became aggressive I would ask to speak to a supervisor and do a follow up with my attorney the next day. It's a two way street and the mature person will have no problem showing ID in a lawful contact situation. You may be in the right, but getting hit with a taser or spending the night in jail is not worth proving your point. Thats what police review boards and the civil courts are for. If you think your rights were violated contact a good attorney. Small town municipal cops are usually the worst offenders. If you experience trouble also contact your local ELECTED Sheriff. He is the highest law enforcement officer in the county in most states and many of them live and breathe the constitution.

This video is posted elsewhere by another blogger. It illustrates the many good people of Law Enforcement who are trying to be good public servants.

A FINE Trooper! Do you think this great guy should be lumped in with the few bad apples?

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