Basic Human Needs - Shelter & Warmth - HELP This Cause PLEASE!

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Basic Human Needs - Shelter & Warmth - HELP This Cause PLEASE!

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Food and Shelter - BASIC Human needs. What if the shelter is full? Should we let human beings freeze to death on the streets in colder climates? Here is a solution. We need to support this basic need!

To Help or Donate:

GM's leftover car insulation lines coats for homeless

By Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY

By John F. Martin for General Motor
As the weather starts to cool down for fall, General Motors is doing its part to try to keep the homeless warm. It's taking sound-absorbing fabric left over from production of Chevrolet
Malibu and Buick Verano sedans and donating it for use as self-heated,
waterproof coats that transform into sleeping bags for the homeless.

Brilliant idea, correct? It came from Veronika Scott, who runs a charity, the
Empowerment Plan in Detroit. She designed the coats to fulfill a
classroom requirement while a junior at Detroit's College for Creative
Studies, then turned into a passion. Since December 2010, she has
employed eight homeless women full time, making 150 coats each month."Among
other challenges – from design to project funding – the insulation is
the largest expense in the coats' production," says Scott in a
statement. "With GM's help and recommendations, I was able to think
about materials in a different way."
The insulation is called Sonozorb and it's made in different shapes for doors and other places in
the car. It is made by a supplier called GDX.
GM donated 2,000 yards of material, enough to make 400 coats.
It's not the first time that Sonozorb has found other uses. GM sent some to
its plants for use to soak up excess oil. It was also used in the BP oil
spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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