Juicing and Cancer Prevention

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Juicing and Cancer Prevention

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Surgical interference, radiation, chemotherapy are responsible for weakening general resistance and immune system of body. Strong and healthy immune system will help the body to fight out with cancer. Howsoever, expensive or foolproof the treatment may be, if it fails to sustain and preserve immune system of the body, no kind of treatment shall be able to take hold of the disease. Switch over to dietary modification is very imperative for treatment of cancer. Diets, rich in proteins, fats, sugar, meat, should be dispensed with and substituted with natural nutrients, which are present in fruit and vegetable diets. First requisite to scavenge the body from toxic elements and also halt production of such toxins in future. Beta-Carotene is said to prevent cancer and also stop further advance of this disorder. Green and red fruits and vegetables do contain, in plenty, beta-carotene and body-system converts beta-carotene into vitamin 'A'. Take a glassful of juice of carrot, at least 1-2 times daily, as it is a protective shield against cancer. Take daily cabbage, kale, cauliflower, turnips (also sprouted foods), broccoli juice to have carcinogens excreted. Pungent vegetables like garlic, ginger and garlic have qualities to fight cancer. Tumors in breasts can be fully cured by the use of oils of fish.

Strong-flavored onions can be harsh on your social life, but they're potentially great for fighting cancer. Researchers at Cornell University have found, in preliminary lab studies, that members of the onion family with the strongest flavor — particularly New York Bold, Western Yellow and shallots — are the best varieties for inhibiting the growth of liver and colon cancer cells.

Iron, Beta-carotene, selenium, vitamin 'C', calcium, potassium, vitamin 'E' can be easily obtained from juice of apple, spinach, green pepper, parsley, garlic, turnip, kale, orange, broccoli, carrot, collard greens and all the said nutrients are preventive and curative of cancer. They arrest further spread of cancerous growth.

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