Why Americans Are Miserable

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Why Americans Are Miserable

Post by Why I Hate The USA on Mon Nov 25, 2013 4:53 am

Why are Americans miserable? We have bred a society of evil greedy people by feeding children a constant diet of consumerism, greed, an how to have a nasty attitude. This is one reason why Americans are losing it every where and going on rampages. We breed these self centred people who take great pleasure in seeing others miserable and keep screwing with people until they snap. A good example is the two young girls in Florida who tortured another weak girl until she killed herself. When people like that get older and do the same thing in the workplace thats when people really snap. I have read many posts on this forum about coming collapse for various reasons. People who otherwise are kept in check by the fear of prison will come uncorked. The lesson to be learned is don't mess with PPL and make their lives miserable. There may come a day when society become unglued and there will be many PPL coming after you. Basically you reap what you sow! Mind your own business and go through life without screwing with others. 

Why I Hate The USA
Why I Hate The USA

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