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Post by Think Logically on Thu Jan 08, 2015 6:02 pm

This is NOT a hate post, nor is it anti-immigrant. We need get our act together and find some common sense approach to keep OUR COUNTRY safe while not being hateful or restricting freedoms. This post is NOT directed at any specific religion, persons or country. 

Here are some common sense ideas that we should ALL send to our representatives:

  • Stop being the worlds policeman and hammering OUR idea of Democracy down everyone's throats - this makes enemies
  • No disparaging religions or religious leaders - in fact you can stay where you are so you are protected from hate speech in the west
  • No more unilateral wars - any actions need to be done by world consensus
  • Limit immigration to those from countries that have peaceful citizens and have demonstrated this
  • No more visas for countries that sponsor, allow or have persons pre-disposed to terror
  • No more free educations for foreign nationals, you have to pay for your education after all Americans have been given the opportunity
  • No more J1 visa programs that take jobs from Americans
  • All lawful and safe immigrants will start at the bottom with no tax breaks, benefits or help -  like it was in the 1950's (my parents did it)
  • Offer diplomatic and food aid only to countries in crisis

None of this will spread here IF we maintain a Swiss style "home guard" rather than a world peacekeeping force. 

Bottom line: If you are law abiding and peaceful you are welcome here - provided we have an economy that supports immigration.
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