Building To Survive Huge Tornadoes - Lessons From Moore

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Building To Survive Huge Tornadoes - Lessons From Moore

Post by Storm Shelter on Wed May 22, 2013 11:28 am

Building To Survive Huge Tornadoes & Hurricanes - Lessons From Moore

How many more lives do we have to lose before we change our archaic building practices? Conventional stick built and long span roof structures employ unsustainable materials, cost more, and are unsafe during huge storms like the Moore Tornado & Hurricane Sandy. Monolithic Domes are safe during these storms, are made from durable concrete, are energy efficient, use less materials to build and pay for themselves with savings. Most of all they are beautiful inside with their sweeping ceilings!

Contact your local or county building officials and government NOW, and send them links to the Monolithic Institute.

Here is the link:

Monolithic Institute
177 Dome Park Place
Italy, TX 76651


Bishop Nevins Academy — Bishop Nevins Academy in Sarasota, Florida is the first Monolithic Dome School in the state of Florida. Safe, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing!

Where would you rather live when extreme weather strikes?

In this stick-built home:

Or This Monolithic concrete home:

Watch this stick built house disintegrate during a tornado! (approx 2:00 in vid)

Yet this monolithic dome survives!

Storm Shelter
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